CAD & Custom Attachments

Announcing the Structure Sensor Case Design Contest for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus (5)
Steady gimbal for motion capture (7)
Available early 2015 -- Introducing the NEODiMOUNT cases (5)
LED floods to provide consistent lighting for scanning ( 2 ) (21)
Holding device for tablet + sensor (12)
Structure Sensor on iPhone 5s and 6+ (3)
iPad handles case (2)
Making a batch of sliding/locking brackets (16)
Structure Sensor Pistol Grip for the Hacker Cable (with pics) (3)
Due to imposed limits on the number of lenses I can order, I am offering the 4eyes frame without lenses for $15.00, plus shipping (2)
Structure lens cover (OpenSCAD) (6)
I am disappointed with Metamason in taking my copyright pending design and make it freely available (15)
Close-up lens system to be available soon ( 2 ) (34)
Sketchup integration (5)
Sensor exterior CAD model now available (8)
Lens Cap/Cover for the Structure IO (7)
+3 optical lenses (12)
STL files for different iPad models? (5)
YALC (Yet Another Lens Cap) (4)
Testing out a "macro" lens for the Structure IO (13)
4eyes Update (formally the close up lens system for the and iSense) (1)
Attachment for Samsung Galaxy S4 (5)
Lens cap now available in my Square store for $10 (4)
Quick Connect/Disconnect 2-piece bracket set is now available in my Square and Amazon stores (4)
New bracket with sliding/locking mechanism (5)