0.10.3 markII problem with rendering the highlighted depthframe



I have an issue with rendering the highlight depth inside the positioning cube. Has any one faced the same problem?

I have attached couple screenshots of the problem. As the images show the cube renderer is only rendering the depth data where it intersects the cubes boundaries.






Difference to the demo scanner app is that our app is build with Unity. Everything else is working except this highlighted depthFrame.

Data handling is done like this:

  1. Get sample data from capture session
  • This stops unity from rendering
  1. Process the depthFrame and colorFrame
  • We store the depthFrame and colorFrame for later use
  1. Trigger unity rendering
  • on unity pre render we draw the colorFrame (camera image) to a unity canvas
  • render unity UI and run unity events
  1. renderScene (renders the cubeRenderer with saved depthFrame)
  • This happens on unity post render

I have checked that the depthFrame data is same on processDepthFrame and in RenderScene.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

with kind regards,

P.S. Please, do not comment to this only that we do not support Unity anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: