0.10.3 Scanner sample bug



iPadOS 13.2

Build and run the capture session based scanner sample. Start scanning but do not tap Done. Click the iPad home button causing the app to resign the active state. EXC_BAD_ACCESS is thrown.

NOTE: This was tested using wireless debugging in Xcode

My workaround is to disable capture session streaming when the app resigns active. Apparently some number of motion callbacks continue to be received after streaming is disabled, and exceptions are thrown in processDeviceMotion. That problem was mitigated by adding a flag to the device motion updates after streaming is disabled. Not a pretty solution, but seems to work.


Structure SDK (for iOS) Release 0.10.3: iOS 13 Compatibility and Tracking Improvements

Hi Jim,

Thanks for sharing this workaround! The backgrounding crash will be resolved in the upcoming 0.11 release, but this solution will be helpful for developers while we wait for that.

– Jacob


Hi Jacob,

I just want to caution “YMMV” with this idea. It seems to work for something like the scanner sample which never closes the view controller that creates the capture session. Unfortunately it’s not working in our app, so looking forward to 0.11 with fingers crossed!

Best regards,