1.9.1 Skanect failure


No matter what I try I always loss tracking when I start a scan. this is on any version it seems. macOS 10.13.3 nvidia 980ti


Could you do us a favor and check to see if you have GPU enabled? You can see if GPU is enabled on the right-hand side of the prepare tab.

Could you also try to take a video for us to show us you scanning process and exactly how you lose tracking?



Hello, I have GPU enabled as for a video I do not think so as I have done nothing different from previous versions. The moment a scan starts it is already in lost tracking mode.


Thanks for the additional information!

I was asking for a video so that I can see exactly what is going wrong. There could be a number of different reason why you are experiencing track loss and the best way for me to determine what the exact issue is would be to see exactly what is going on from your end.

If you are uncomfortable posting a video on a public forum, you could always send me a link to the video in a private message.

If you are still uncomfortable sending a video, could you please describe the issue with much more detail? Again, this will help me determine exactly what the issue is.



I understand, I will
Post a video tomorrow if that is okay.


No big deal! Although we won’t be in the office on Saturday, I can take a look at it on Monday. No Rush!