2 Scans in a row with new SDK - Green Screen Bug

Has anyone figured out how to do multiple in a row? I am writing an app that uses the latest SDK that gathers some information, does the scan, and then goes back to the home page. Ideally, if the user wants to immediately do another scan, they can gather the new information and go right into scanning again.

However, whenever you do a second scan, the scanning screen turns green and you are unable to do the scan. I am thinking that something in the scanning code is not being dismissed properly, which is why problems arise when we try to restart the scanner. Is this correct? How can I make sure that everything is dismissed and reloaded properly?

If before emailing the scan you wanted to redo the scan, you can do this as that works perfectly but going start to finish without closing the app in between has been causing this bug.

Thanks so much for your help!