2018 iPad Pro - Calibration issue



We purchased the bracket with Sensor for the new 11" iPad Pro (2018 release). Each application we are opening up, from the App Store and our own, are requesting the device to be calibrated (select skip to the bracket calibration…). Has anyone else seen this issue?

iPad Pro, IOS 12.1.4, A1980

Structure Sensor, Firmware 2.0, Hardware Version 1.0


Have you successfully calibrated your device to the Structure Sensor you are using?


Yes 6 times. ,


I think it has to do with the fisheye lens calibration. Did Occipital test calibration using the Fish eye? We can get applications to “work” by removing the lens but they show the lens deformation (i.e. the AR does not match the camera view). Uploading footage.


Ahh, not all applications use the Wide Vision Lens. In fact, only the Calibrator and Canvas Applications currently have that functionality enabled.

You will need to calibrate your device again with the Wide Vision Lens taken off.


lol, our applications use the wide lens… we’ve been developing with the Bridge for a few years now. We noticed on all tablets but the new 2018 iPad Pro the debug screen shows up. Can you confirm there isn’t some arbitrary setting in the latest SDK version that controls if the debug screen is shown on specific tablets (we are using Unity)?


I just want to be clear about your issue.

You are stating that the Bridge Engine application you are developing still displays the Calibrate Now message, even though you have already calibrated it with the Wide Vision Lens on?

Could you please send over a video of the issue?


Could you also let me know which version of the calibrator app you are using?