3D printed iPhone5 grip.... features? phones? or other requests?


I designed and built a grip for iPhone5… it prints in ABS or PLA on a hobby level printer with a couple small parts that assemble from McMaster. The large ball grips have been helpful to keep hands away from the scene and to manipulate the sensor around objects. I had imagined sharing the models but some clean-up would be needed (pics of the first print attached)… I’d be happy to prep the models if there’s any interest. Before going much further, I wanted to reach out to see if there are any other requests for features, other attachments, other phone models or anything else. I don’t think volumes would ever be large enough to injection mold but as 3D printed there’s lots that could be done to clean up and make it interesting to look at. If there’s interest in 20+ units I could pull together a build and ship them fully assembled.

Awesome sensor, it’s been fun!


Very interested. Good-looking design. I actually ever considered using my sensor with my iPhone 5.


Would you consider something similar for the iphone 6 or ipad mini? I have to say my fingers accidentally cover the the Ipad camera lens more often then I would like to admit.


Wish there were more apps for iPhone!!!


Adapting the grip to iPhone6 and iPad Mini would only take a few minutes, the models are fully parameterized… I’m seeing that a challenge may be the number of people who are interested, this post is over a month old and only two replies. If there are any lurkers/skeptics out there who might be interested, drop a note. If the interest is there, I’ll build them. [ long history of building stuff successfully ]. I dig the structure sensor and would like to support the community… a grip has been helpful to me, but I wonder if there’s any hardware that would have an instant demand? What do you guys need now, badly, to make your experience better with the sensor?


This looks really good and I would order at least 2 if it were available for the 6/6+. One hurdle right now is lack of calibration software for iPhones but I know we would be interested in just experimenting with the physical experience on the 6 and 6+.