3D scanning of Human Face with Details/ edges for Selfie FDM 3D Printing, Manual Coloring



I am new to 3d scanning and 3d printing. I am planing for a small start up to provide 3D selfie printing services.

I am trying to make selfies using 3D structure scan, FDM 3D Printing PLA/ABS and applying manual colouring by brushes.

I am using Structure sensor - Scanner App, Skanect Pro uplink IPAD 2018/ MSI laptop core i7, Nvidea 4GB Graphic card.

But even with Skanect Pro, I am not able to get more detailed/ edged face scans (eyes, lips are like 2d photo in scanned model, not showing any edges/ lines, if I also got that details it would be helpful to apply Manual colors). I am also still practising Skanect scanning of Human face/ bust/ full body :slight_smile:
I am also learning Meshmixer and sculptris free 3d editing tools/ resources.

  1. Please guide me how to get more detailed/ edged face scans by using Skanect.
  2. Please guide me about suitable software tools being used to improve the face details/ edges of 3D scanned human face/ model (Not interested in It Seez 3D ). Then I can start learning and improve my skills with it.

Awaiting your valuable replies.

Attached Sample Scan (Using Structure Sensor Scanner App) & Another FDM 3D printed painted model

Thanking You

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