4eyes lens testing and face scanning (medical devices)


This is exactly what I’ve been hoping for! I’m extremely interested in this. Take my money! where and when can I buy this?


Hi! I am also interested in your product. Can you let me know the fastest way to get 4eyes? I have a NY address. Thanks a lot!


Can you email me at mebalzer@slo3dcreators.com . I am having trouble getting these messages through the forum.
Michael Balzerslo 3D creatorsAll Things 3D805-3D5-8511


How significant is the lens distortion using the 4eyes system? Could the distortion be lessened by using an achromatic diopter as opposed to a single element diopter?


I haven’t tried anything with achromatic diopters as of yet- if you do, please let me know how it goes


Sorry, a newbie question. So the 4eyes will improve the texture maps you get with the Structure app? What about other scanning apps. What are the components of the kit that I need for a ipad2 please? I’m not sure what’s needed from the descriptions given.


Is there an update on the 4eyes product please? I’d very much like to try it but I can’t seem to find a way to buy it, links are old and there has been no response from the maker on this forum.



@mebalzer posted his contact info in this recent thread:



Thanks. Bad news. Good luck to Mike.


Hello everyone!
I know it’s an old post !
I’ve been looking all over the web and I can’t find a way to buy a version of the 4eyes for my structure sensor.
I was wondering if someone still had the 4eyes 3D file and could mail it to me so I could build my own?
Thank you !!


You can get it without the lenses here:

I have not been able to find the lenses for it.


Thank you so much!!
I just wrote to the designer of the 4eyes to ask him where to buy the lenses.
Hope I’ll get an answer. I’ll forward you the info if you’re interested.


I have found the correct lenses

I just ordered some +3 diopter correction lenses for the Nikon fm series (fm3a)

The cosina are also compatible

I think that th voigtlander bessa are also good.

Hope this help!!



Thanks for finding the info on the lenses!


Thanks for reviving this super old post. I’ve been wondering how the scans of people, full body and bust, would be with the 4eyes now that there have been several software updates improving most of the scanning apps since 2015. Particularly interested in its compatability with Itseez3d.


HI all,

I have bought 4 eyes and +3 diopter lens. - Nikon FM3A +3.
Scans are great.

I am using to make sculpture of faces.

My first scans the eyes are in closed position always.

Any thoughts?

Also any software for editing outside of Scanect ?




For editing 3D meshes outside of Skanect, we recommend the following free 3D graphics programs: Blender, MeshLab, or SketchUp.