6-DOF reading and Head tracking


I was looking for advice on if my Structure Core had the capabilities I need and how best to use them for an important project.

Can it

  1. Provide me its position data. Say I click a button and zero it. Then I can move it 1 meter and read that data off it. If not available, can I write a program that allows me to do this?
  2. Track someone’s head, placing it in a bounding box, and returning the average depth in meters of the bounding box. One issue I see is that visible cameras and depth sensors don’t provide the same images. But it should be possible? How should I implement this. Do I somehow grab .png images from .occ files or what?

Thank you. I am quite lost and could use any help available.

  1. Yep! Structure Core includes a built-in IMU for positional data. Have you taken a look at the ReadMe documentation included in the Structure SDK (Cross-Platform) download? In there, you’ll find information on both the accelerometer and gyroscope classes.

  2. The Structure SDK (Cross-Platform) only allows for raw depth data to be collected so you will not be able to track heads with the SDK. We have seen others implement 3rd party face tracking libraries, however.