9.7-inch iPad Pro


Will the iPad air mound fit this. Also has anyone test this ?

Thanks Guys

iPad Pro 9.7 inch

iPad Air or Air brackets likely won’t work due to the camera position. Occipital supports the 9.7-inch iPad Pro by using our new iPad Pro bracket, which you can buy on the store.


Yes it fits
I have the iPad Air 2 bracket


Phil et al-
Is it possible to buy just the ‘female’ part of the mounting bracket for the Pro? I have a few iPads, a big and little Pro, and the Pro mount for the 12… but don’t want to waste the $ on ½ of the part I don’t need… or alternately, an STL and I can just print my own :slight_smile:


Can we get the ipad air mounting bracket for the ipad pro scanner? I tried mine this way and it appears to be the correct size. if so, how can I get the bracket only?


@flip - We do not have the “female” part only for sale. We do however have a Starter CAD from which you can create your own attachement bracket.


@gfridens - technically the iPad Air 2 bracket will fit the 9.7-inch iPad Pro but you must proceed with caution to prevent potential damage to the protruding camera. Accessories can be purchased here: https://store.structure.io/store/accessories


Thanks! Sorry for the gendered language. Too much time spent around electronics and, of course, engineer culture. Time to rethink that I suppose.

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Many thanks for the link to the Starter CAD file, Crystal. I have the Structure Sensor and bracket for an iPad version 4 but recently upgraded to the 9.7" iPad Pro. As a 3D printer owner and amateur designer, I have done a bit of modelling and come up with a printable bracket that I am now using on the new iPad. Works like a charm! I have uploaded it to my page at 3DAGOGO in case anyone else fancies trying it.