About Structure Core


Excited to hear about Structure Core, But I have a few questions.

Different drom Structure Sensor, It is not support on iPad right?

and since I want to use structure sensor to get the 3D point cloud data. May I ask about the allowed maximum size in new SDK. In current structure sensor, it is around 10m*10m.



Structure Core and Structure Sensor are built for different purposes.

While the Structure Sensor is designed to be used on iOS products with a robust Structure SDK and many applications backing it. The Structure Sensor and related Structure SDK is specifically designed for scanning purposes giving the developer very high-level functionality.

The Structure Core is built for embedded solutions such as robotics, AR/VR, and autonomous drones. The Structure Core is designed with computer vision experts in mind who looking to unlock the raw potential of a sensor. The software development kit that is included with the Structure Core is focused on raw depth data and does not include high-level functionality, like 3d object scanning.


Thanks for you reply. Looking forward to the SDK.