Accuracy of sensor for prosthetics

Hello All, I am looking to use the structure sensor to take scans of animal limbs with a view to producing prosthetic devices (via 3d printing) to aid realignment of damaged ligaments/confirmation of the limb. My concern is the ‘fit’ of the prosthesis to the limb ie how accurate is the scan? The size of the prosthesis mating surface is approximately 150mm x 150mm. The scans I have taken so far are not lifesize when I come to print them - does any one have any clues as to what I am doing wrong? I am also looking for someone to help develop an app similar to the Mirage M3DScan with a few additions. Any help on these issues I’m having would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

@tom2 The Structure Sensor uses meters when scaling the 3D mesh it is created.

You will need to import the scan in this unit of measurement to import the model in the correct size. If the software you are using can’t, you’ll need to manually scale the 3D Meshes.

The precision of the Structure Sensor can be found on this chart. However, if you’re trying to scan 3D objects or track motion paths, the quality of results will vary widely depending on software used. Make sure you’re using the latest Structure SDK and have tried a variety of different apps to gauge precision and accuracy of results achievable.

We are still collecting data and running case studies but, from what we have seen working with professionals in the field is that, most measurements are within 1-2% when verified against a manual tape measure or existing blueprints.

You can find more of the technical specification of the Structure Sensor on the following page:

As for finding a developer to develop a specific application for you, please fill out this form and one of our developer program managers will be in touch.


I have been working on a windows application that uses the structure sensor for 3D Mesh reconstruction / scanning. If you have a surface table and don’t care about the texture mapping let me know through a message… I can always use a beta tester for the software as i am not sure if there is a market for this type of applications or interests.



I would be interested in this.