Accurate scanning of a wall


We are using the structure sensor to scan a wall and generate coordinates (position and size) for windows and doors. We’ve started with the room capture app which worked decently well, giving us errors between 2% - 5% most of the time.

We are now trying to tweak the settings to optimise the app to scan a single wall rather than a whole room, We’ve tried decreasing the volumeResolution of the mapper and taking keyFrames more often which lead to slight increase in accuracy while sacrificing performance over the room capture app. Is there anything else that can be done with the SDK or the process of scanning that’ll help us get better accuracy or performance.

Thank You.


We are still collecting data and running case studies but, from what we have seen working with professionals in the field is that, most measurements are within 1-2% when verified against a manual tape measure or existing blueprints.

The precision of the Structure Sensor can be found on this chart. However, if you’re trying to scan 3D objects or track motion paths, the quality of results will vary widely depending on software used. Make sure you’re using the latest Structure SDK and have tried a variety of different apps to gauge precision and accuracy of results achievable.

Have you tried using our Canvas App?

Also, take a look at what this user is doing to help increase the accuracy of the Structure Sensor: Trying to reach better precision and accuracy