All NEODiMOUNT & NEODiVR Product Components are on Shapeways


After moving on to other projects, I have decided to make all my NEODiMOUNT & NEODiVR components available to anyone who wants have them printed by Shapeways and finish it themselves. I have either no or minimal markup, so most should be pretty affordable.

The following are available, with more being made available in the future:

4eyes version 1.5 and the newer larger lens version 2.0, with instructions and links to obtaining the lenses.

NEODiMOUNT V2 for the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 8. As well as the NEODiMOUNT+ for the iPhone 6s Plus.

NEODiVR “Stealth” for the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, which can also be used with the just the phone bracket piece, which is a minimal design “exoskeleton” like frame that reduces weight and maximizes heat dissipation, as well as provides inline mounting of the Structure sensor with the capability of using Occipital’s wide-angle lens. The bracket has already been tested and calibrated several times. I will provide the custom frame offset numbers in the Shapeways description later today. If you buy all the components that make up the “Stealth” for VR use, not only do have one of the lightest headsets available to date, but it is made for minimal face contact. Currently the Focal length is slightly off, but a new lens box is coming with independent adjustable lens focal length negating the use of glasses for most users. As side bonus is it can work with the Bridge SDK, but you will have to figure out how to adjust the IPD since the Bridge system was adapted to the smaller iPhone.

You will also find my kid friendly NEODiVR “CliPi” for the iPod 6G (or iphone 5s) made specifically for a child’s IPD providing less blur and more important, preventing the possibility of headaches. Not only can you print them, but I have also made the files available for download.

Finally, an assortment of brackets for the NEODiMOUNT ecosystem and other useful things for using your Structure sensor, including the new mounting system that replaces your bottom panel on the Structure Sensor with one that you can mount three 1/2" 1/8" rare-earth magnets can allow you mount it to any ferrous surface with ease.