Announcing Jim Selikoff


The Occipital team has been busy working on new features, and we haven’t found as much time as we wanted to support the people developing amazing things with Structure Sensor. We decided to do something about this, and are officially bringing Jim Selikoff ( @jim_selikoff ) on board part-time as an Occipital developer technical support resource.

Jim will be around the Structure Sensor forums, answering developer questions when he can. He has already been an active contributor before, so many of you already know him. Jim has developed with Structure Sensor himself, and has been involved in 3D hardware and software development since 1996, and I am certain he will be an amazing resource.

After the forums are under control, we have other exciting ideas for things Jim may do to help the developer community, so stay tuned!



@jim_selikoff excited to have you helping out!


Welcome, @jim_selikoff!


Welcome aboard, Jim!


Yay! Welcome aboard!