Announcing New Structure App and Mark II Firmware Update

Structure App 2.0 + Firmware 9.9

We’re happy to announce a significant update to the Structure App which includes a firmware updating tool for Structure Sensor (Mark II). We’re also releasing the new Structure SDK (for iOS) 0.11, and have important news about the App Store obfuscation rejections.

Structure App 2.0

Structure App v2.0 is now live in the App Store, and can be downloaded HERE.

Release Notes:

  • Structure App has been rebuilt from scratch for Mark II.

  • You can now communicate directly with our CX team by submitting diagnostic info through this app. See what we collect and why at

  • Structure Sensor (Mark II) can now update to firmware 0.9.9 through the app. This firmware brings about several stability improvements in conjunction with the latest Structure SDK.

  • Structure App now supports both light and dark mode on iOS 13+.

  • Uplink support has been removed from this version of Structure App. Uplink is still available elsewhere. See our support post for why we made this change at

  • Support for updating firmware on Original Structure Sensor from v1.0.0 to v2.0.0 has been removed in this version of Structure App. If you still need this functionality, please reach out to our support team at

Structure Sensor (Mark II) Firmware Notes

Structure Sensor (Mark II) firmware version 9.9 includes several key stability updates and resolve the majority of sensor connection drops / issues (please see “known issues” below for remaining connection problems).

To update your Structure Sensor (Mark II) to the latest firmware version simply launch the Structure App, and click the firmware update notification on the top right of the screen. Please note, due to a memory bug in firmware 9.8 we recommend updating the firmware directly after launching the application (see “known issues” below for a detailed overview of this issue).

Known Firmware Issues:

  • Due to a firmware bug in version 0.9.8, the sensor may crash and run out of memory while attempting to update firmware to 0.9.9 which results in an unsuccessful update message. If you receive this message, please try the update again. This usually happens if the sensor has been connected and streaming for some time before the firmware update is started. For best results, start the firmware update process as soon as possible after plugging your sensor in to an iOS device for the first time.

  • On iOS 13 sensors may not be detected on app initialization. The sensor must be unplugged and replugged to restore connection. This behavior does not exhibit itself on iOS 12. This issue will be fixed in a future firmware update.

Hi @JacobErvin The forum is showing there was activity on this post two days ago, but it looks like the post was made back in December. Has there been a new update to the app?