Any working ROS drivers for Structure Core?


Haven’t had any success with openni2_camera/openni2_launch.

Did find this:, but it feels pretty barebones with rgb stream broken.


The Automodality ROD wrapper is currently only written for monochrome and is only designed for their use-case.

We are in the process of understanding the users of the Structure Core and their needs, and are always interested in implementing new features for our SDKs.

Could you let me know what features you’d like to see with a ROS wrapper?


I’ve published a basic ROS wrapper. The main feature I needed was RGB registration.

It’s rough around the edges and not up to my usual quality because I don’t have a sponsor to finish the wrapper (just the proof-of-concept RGB registration).

I’ve made some issues that I’d welcome pull requests for. If the community supports this driver and gets it up to standard, I can make it official and move it to the ros-drivers repo.


Dang, thanks for laying that groundwork @chaddev!


We are looking for something similar to the openni_camera ROS wrapper: (Check Kinetic version for proper documentation)

Something that publishes:

  • color/image_raw
  • color/camera_info
  • depth/image_raw
  • depth/camera_info
  • depth_registered/points