App Store Obfuscation Rejection Updates

App Store Obfuscation Rejection Updates

Over the last month multiple 3rd party applications built on top of the Structure SDK have been rejected from the App Store due to obfuscated code. Rejections from Apple often looked like this:

We discovered that your app contains obfuscated code, selector mangling, or features meant to subvert the App Review process by changing this app’s concept after approval to the App Store.

Our team re-reviewed this binary to ensure our findings were accurate. Specifically, we found obfuscated selectors, such, for example, as:

  • Gx7XOQCl:, - oNRKMlpt: and so on.

We’ve been working hard to resolve this issue directly with Apple. We made it clear that all code and features coming from the Structure SDK have been outlined in-app and exposed in good will to end users. There are variable names in the apps that are changed to protect trade secrets. However, their usage can be clearly traced through each file, and there is no malicious access or distribution of end user PII or device information.

We are very happy to say that as of December 5th the Structure Framework has been whitelisted by Apple’s review team. Future app submissions built on the Structure SDK will no longer be rejected for obfuscated code. Additionally, any applications that were previously rejected due to obfuscated code have been retroactively approved by the App Store review team and should be ready to publish.

We do not expect any further problems due to obfuscation from the App Store review team. However, if you do encounter any issues with app submission, please contact us at and we will work quickly to resolve any problems you may have.

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