Artifacts In the Depth Image

With regards to vertical banding and stipple lines in the the depth images with OpenNi drivers provided by Occipital, I know this issue has been raised before, but I was hoping to get clarification on these issues. The screen shot below was taken with the NIViewer tool installed with the Occiptal provided Openni2 64-bit SDK.

The vertical band issue seen in the image happens regardless of how long I leave the sensor running to warm up (the embedded image was captured after approx 30 mins). I have tried it at room temperature 70-74 degrees F. This banding problem can severally effect the depth calculations as can be seen in the image as the depth values step causing a discontinuity in the values. How can this be mitigated?

Second, the stipple line problem also seen in the OpenNi2 drivers provided by Occipital was suggested that it was a driver problem with remnant old OpenNi drivers. Well I have tried this on several machines, 2 of which have never had a primesense device or openni drivers installed until I installed the Occiptal provided openni2 drivers. The problem is transient and may disappear when I change the depth mode but again it can cause depth continuities as these lines register as a 0 depth value. How can this be solved as well?