Auto Exposure through SDK


I do I turn Auto Exposure “on” for both the IR and the visible cameras?

I do not see any reason for this not to be possible since it can be done in the MacOS application. However, if that is the case, how can I change the exposure settings of all cameras?


Yep! You can change the exposure of the visible and IR camera using different functions found in ST::CaptureSessionSettings::StructureCoreSettings

My suggestion would be to familiarize yourself with the Structure SDK (Cross-Platform) reference material, as you might be able to find the answer to your questions quickly.


Thanks. I had definitely missed that.


I don’t see auto exposure for the Visible camera, could you clarify the exact setting name in 0.6.1 release?

The only autoExposure is: bool infraredAutoExposureEnabled = false;


Ahh, my mistake. The exposure on the visible camera is fixed.