Best iPad for room scanning


I’m new to this thing so I appologize if this topic has been covered. I looked but didn’t see it…
I am an android/windows user but my wife had an unused ipad mini-4 so I got the Structure sensor and bracket for that.
Sure enough I can’t scan a single full, large room with the Canvas app as there is not enough memory.
I really want to make this work so I’m thinking about getting the ipad pro 12.9 with 256gb. Structure lists the 9.7 as the “most compatible” instead of the 12.9.
I don’t want to spend all that money and get something that isn’t the best option, but the larger size would be better for me.
Anyone have any feedback on this?




Hi rob I use the 12.9 with 128gb, it’s memory size that counts, so the 4gg in the pro really makes a difference. Also your scanning method can also make a huge difference to your scan size,


I don’t know the different scanning methods. I’ll try to look into that.



Yeah, bizarrely if you don’t cover windows and don’t avoid reflective surfaces It seems to have large impact on memory usage. These tips are in the general guide, I assumed it was something to do with contrast and reflection (which it probably does) but it also does have this adverse effect on memory. With a good scan path I’ve scanned huge rooms with loads of detail.


The 12.7" is definitely the best option for scanning larger spaces, though there have been very few residential-sized rooms I haven’t been able to conquer with an Air 2 or Pro.

Here are some tips on scanning technique to ensure you get the best results: You can find these in the app too on the “Get Started” screen.


I have the 9.7" iPad Pro and can’t recommend upgrading just to use the room scan. I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly and haven’t had a single scan thats good enough to impress anyone and thats after the new updates and calibration. Unless you’re wanting to scan an empty room you’ll most likely be disappointed with the results. Granted, it will capture certain things perfectly with high detail but any complex or thin objects will look very messy. There are 360 degree cameras on the market that cost way less than the price of an iPad pro that would get more impressive/consistent results.


Depends on your use case - I use it for scanning rooms to augment my surveys for architectural purposes , to collect more info than I would ever record with a standard survey and to give me a base model to work from. From an accuracy point of view I have always found the raw scans in Canvas to be super accurate, certainly accurate enough to rely on. Where I have tested accuracy against my Disto laser usually the accuracy is within 1mm depending on distance. Ive always found that accuracy can improve with scanning techniques.