best measure software of the computer?


My apologies if this has been asked. I am new and have been looking with no luck!

I am looking for your favorite software to measure your scans. I have not been able to figure it out on MeshLab or Blender. I am able to import everything, but there I cannot get it to scale.

My current process is easy, but rough measurements.

I basically put it in a top down view. From there, I take a screen shot and then scale it on revit.

Thanks in advanced everyone!

EDIT: Might I add, I am scanning rooms. I am working for an electrical contractor and the end goal is going to be to create a visual asbuilt with with scan, and if we can, I would love to create our own 2D floor plans.


Structure Sensor and related software uses meters for the scale. When importing to Blender or Meshlab you will need to use Meters as the measurement format.

As for measurements with Blender,

You may also want to look at MeshMixer, which has an excellent measurement tool:


I am really liking the Meshmixer. That one seems much more simple than the others. Now, to play around and figure it out! Thank you for the suggestions!



Do you use meshmixer much? I have things stitched together and looks as good as I need it to. I used cut planes to clean up some bleed thru my project. Next, I am wanting to export to a file that is able to keep my textures. Pardon the grain-yness…


I would not say that I am the subject matter expert for Meshmixer. I would suggest reaching directly out to their support team for direct questions on how to use their software:


I am on 10 different forums regularly… I did not even think about looking for a Meshmixer one… Thanks for the suggestion!


The link to Blender’s measuring tool has changed. The new page can be found at