Bounding Box rotation issue


We have an established App for scanning. We have a received a couple complaints from our customers regarding issues with the Bounding Box, from a user base of over 300. When scanning the bounding box will start rotation around the central axis on it’s own and not stop. If it starts rotating clockwise it will continue rotating clockwise and the like when rotating counter clockwise. Is there a simple method to determine if it’s the iPad gyroscope or the structure sensor having an issue? All other users are not having this issue so it seems more likely to be a hardware issue.

Structure SDK 0.6
iPad Air 2 (ios 12.1)
Sensor Firmware 2.0


This definitely seems like an issue with the iPad’s IMU, especially, like you said, since this doesn’t happen with any other iOS device you have tested. Have you tried restarting the affected iOS device? What about factory resettting it?


I’m having the end user reboot and test again. They also have a pending iOS 12.1.1 update to apply. We are going to try those first then see if the behavior changes. We may also send a replacement iPad and swap with them to see if I can get the hardware in hand for testing to see if I can re-produce the issue with their hardware, or is it end user error not properly locking the subject within the bounding box before starting the scan.