bracket for 12.9 is lame


the adhesive pad thing with the 12.9 bracket is a real pain…are they any improvments planned?


The increased size of the iPad Pro 12.9" makes it physically too large to adapt our existing (anodized aluminum latch) bracket design. The length allows too much flex in the bracket and makes it difficult to retain the camera/sensor alignment required.

For this reason, we designed the new 3D printed bracket for iPad Pro 12.9" to be strong enough to maintain the precise alignment of the Structure Sensor and iPad cameras, while light enough to attach with only the double-sided adhesive tape.

You’ll find detailed instructions for attaching, removing, and reattaching this new bracket here: We’ve also included details about the adhesive tape on that page, so you can replace if/when needed.


I appreciate that all of the issues with the iPad Pro 12.9" adhesive bracket were detailed during the purchase process so that there were no surprises for me. It is disappointing that it is what it is, but I purchased knowing it was adhesive (and that my iPad Air 2 didn’t have enough RAM to be useful).

I’m glad that your site explains how to remove the bracket (which was easily installed perfectly with the alignment tool) and where to get more adhesive. Since the 12.9" Pro is my wife’s - I have no choice but to peel it off when I won’t be using Canvas and the Structure Sensor and snap her protective back-shell back on. A hassle, but do appreciate that the Occipital team came up with something that allows the 12.9" iPad to be used.


Agreed and understandably know why they had to do what they did with the semi permanent option. What if we had some sort of magnetic option, granted it doesn’t interfere with the internal components of the iPad and sensor. I imagine a very thin metal plate that can be adhered to the iPad and then a snap on magnetic mount attached to the sensor and lens. I understand it is possibly to 3D print magenets that can lock an unlock solely based on atomic configuration.



the sensor is still somewhat loose a little - I can wiggle it, rotate around the y axis a degree easily

I am an industrial designer and if people are interested I can design an ipadpro 12.9 bracket.

I agree with the complete width length along the y axis material might move too much but there are easy ways to strengthen the bracket easily.

Let me make a forum post to see how many here would need a 12.9 bracket.

I was not aware of that the tape will be peeled of each time and has to be replaced rendering this a non functional bracket in my class room. Pretty hefty price I have to say folks.