Bracket for iPad Pro


I know its only a couple days old, but anyone out there interested in making a bracket for the iPad Pro?

Given the processor speed and RAM, this could be a killer platform. I have an iPad Pro and while its not for everyone, I do think it has earned a place in my workflows.
Size might be limiting, but could work very well. Please respond if you think you could make one. Thanks


Seems like the quickest way to get to this would be to use the neody mount if it is still available. Otherwise, if you have an accurate model of the iPad Pro it should be easy to design a mount that could be 3D printed by Shapeways for less than $100 one off.


I still offer the NEODiMOUNT “Bare Essentials” magnet/“Blue Steel” plate the attaches to the bottom of the sensor. I have used this on my Air 2 for over a year now and the iPad mini 4, for about three months. If you have not found a solution, email at and we will work something out because I can’t afford one right now and would like to get this tested as well some promo images. I think this will look awesome on the back of it since on the iPad Air 2 it seems like it is part of the iPad. Below are a few images:


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I have iPadPro’s in my studio and at work and also 3d printers.
I could easily prototype a model