Bridge Engine 1.1: iPhone XS + iOS 12 Compatibility Release


Bridge Engine has been updated to support the iPhone XS and iOS 12!

The iPhone XS, with its top of the line processor and camera, will fit into any Bridge for iPhone X unit. The Bridge Engine rendering system has been updated for this new hardware. Previous to Bridge Engine 1.1, stereo display on the iPhone XS was slightly skewed and off center.

Additionally, a number of rendering issues on iOS 12 have been fixed, including a problem in stereo mode where both views would display on the left eye.

This update also includes general stability improvements.

You can access Bridge Engine 1.1 through the developer portal. Sign up here if you don’t have an existing Structure SDK account.

Note: Many apps for Bridge, including the Bridget app, are in the process of integrating the BE 1.1 update and are not yet compatible. If you’re looking for an app to test out on iOS 12 or the iPhone XS checkout ARZombi, a freshly published Bridge app!