Bridge Engine MR & VR Demo Sample Code


Are you planning to provide the following videos and sample code?



Yes, portal features will be added to sample code soon.


Will it be released in January?


Please tell me the date of commitment.


I ran the portal function.
Thank you for upgrading.



Were portal features added? I don’t seem to have access with current bridget apps. Assume this is something I have to write into the app?



Hi! The portal mode is currently integrated in the BRIDGET sample project in the Bridge Engine repo, but since it’s still experimental we haven’t added it into the public BRIDET app yet.


Hi Jacob

Thanks for that. Is the Bridget sample project with the portal part of Bridge Engine files from the GitHub repository?



Yep! It’s in the Bridget sample. Just select the portal mode, and click on the floor instead of the wall.


Hi Jacob

Thanks for that. So every time I select the portal and point to the floor the bridget app crashes.

Any feedback you can give me? Be looking at crash reports, just wandering if there is anything in particular I should be looking for?




Hi again Jacob

Just to feedback some more. I did finally get the space ship portal working on the bridget beta version but only when I turned the stereo scanning and stereo rendering off. It’s not perfect as even in mono rendering mode it can crash.

Would a crash report help to ascertain where things need refinement? Could it be anything to do with my iPhone being a iPhone 6?

Thanks again for all your help




Thanks for the bug report Paul! We’ll look into it and see can reproduce on this end.


Hi Jacob

Just touching base to see if you managed to reproduce the bug with the mixed reality portal at your end?