BridgeEngine.framework & Sharing Code


I ported the MixedReality sample to Swift and before making it available on my Github account I wanted to check if we are allowed to share the BridgeEngine.framework and code publicly yet?


Good question – You can share your own code that uses the framework, and even pieces of the samples as needed to ask questions, but the framework itself requires permission to our Github repository. What you could do is use the Bridge Engine repository as a submodule in code you’d like to publish yourself, and as long as the person has access to the main repository too, they can pull in the submodule.


Hi, maybe a stupid question: Where can I get the Unity plugin? I only can download the SDK.


The Bridge Engine Unity plugin is available through out Bridge Engine Github repo, which we’re making available to Bridge Explorer Edition customers while Bridge Engine is still in beta. If you have purchased the Bridge Explorer Edition and are having trouble accessing the repo, DM me with details and I can help.


Hi Chris,

This is great that you ported the MixedReality sample Swift!
Can I have a look at it? I have access to the BE.framework so you don’t need to share it with me.

Best regards,