Bridget on iPhone X built from Github


I recently received my Bridge headset and built the Bridget demo that was inside the Github repo. After trying several room scans, I finally kinda got one that seemed right. However, it seems like the phone/sensor combo looses it’s position/rotation pretty easily and badly. I am curious if anyone else is noticing this behavior? I calibrated with the wide angle lens setup. Wondering if this is the best option for the X? The picture seems fairly blurry to me.
Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.


Could you provide a video recording of the issue?

Having the sensor loose tracking easily is not normal behavior, so I am wondering if it could be some other things going on.

As for the blurry picture, this could be from the specific lens diopters that you are using. I would suggest trying the other two pairs found in your Bridge box. (Also remember to remove the plastic lens protectors on both the inside and outside of each lens.) You can find directions on how to do so here:


Hey Anthony,
Yeah, I can get a recording a little later on today. I was curious as far as best practices for room scanning though. I try to do the “paint brush” technique while I have the phone and sensor in the headset. It asks to pause a lot to capture keyframes which I try to do. When it seems like the room is complete, is it a good idea to go back and try to fill in the black areas or not worry about it? I am using the wide angle lens on an iphone X, so it only covers the one lens, which I assume is OK.
I’ll try some different lens spacers and see if this helps as it seems like it’s mostly the wide angle lens that makes the center look somewhat in focus but everything else is pretty far out. Thanks for the response.