C# .NET (Mono) wrapper for occipital/openni2

I ported core functionality of occipital/openni2 library to C# .NET and should work on any platform supported by Mono and OpenNI2.
Wrapper source code and example project is available at https://github.com/Ruslan-B/OpenNI2ManagedWrapper.
If any questions feel free to ask.


Have you tried running this in Universal (UWP) environment? Currently working to build C# wrapper for OpenNI2 to run in UWP environment and came across your github repo.

This is really interesting! Has this been tested in Unity?

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Thank you Ruslan, I will have to give this a whirl.

Hi folks did you tried it on given platforms? It is all about native binaries. The rest of .net/CLR works standard.

Tried on UWP, but can only compile C++ in UWP and the libjpeg library in OpenNI2 is written in C. Can reproduce by compiling OpenNI2 as C++ UWP app with /ZW flag.

Anyone tried?.. Iā€™m trying to develop a game where you can scan objects in, and interact with