Calibration fails on Mark II- what are best practices for calibration??


I can’t get my Mark II to calibrate. I can get it up and running on my iPad Pro 12.9 and get it to start to take pictures to calibrate, see all the dots and the color and IR picture, but after taking 10 or so pics it throws an error message, talks about making sure the mount is correctly aligned and starts to take another pic or two, but then crashes.

-What are the best scenes to calibrate on? Lots of lines? Fairly big, bold objects or are smaller details good (repeating like a grate or pattern, or random like foliage?)
-Is it best to circle one object and take multiple pics from slightly different angles, or move around and take pics with little overlap?
-How ‘off’ can the mount be and let calibration still work? I think I have it pretty much in the right spot, but the error message implies that I don’t?

I’m into 3D printing and I’m a materials guy, not a software/hardware guy. I got this two weeks ago, spent the morning trying to get it to work and put everything into a box and haven’t gotten back to it. I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed for the amount of money spent.



Me too facing same issue spent weeks trying


Contact Occipital. They sent me a link to differentiated version of Calibrate for 1st gen 12.9 iPad Pros. I haven’t tested it yet, but at least they are addressing it.


Same boat, been over a month and still have better luck with the first gen sensor and 3rd party apps. I’m holding out hoping something changes and we can use the new tech.


me too been waiting and they send a few step all can’t work, very stressful as i help a few of my student purchase too… it’s like having the device and can’t use! really spoil my name