Calibration Issue with iPad 6th Generation



We’re experiencing issues when trying to calibrate iPads 6th generation. It is not possible to finish the key points process. After a while it appears the following message:

“Calibration Trouble: Calibrator is having a tough time! Make sure your bracket is fastened on securely, and not loose or rotated.”

The same process can be completed by using another iPad model in the same scene.

We’re using the last versions of iOS, Calibrator App and Structure Sensor firmware.

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Not an official answer, but just as a data point, we’ve been calibrating 6’th gen iPads without issue.


I am having same issue with iPad pro 11. Never moves past blue dots.


We also observed that the Calibrator App crashes on iPad 12,9 3rd Generation right after the message “connecting to calibration server”. This happens after updating the Calibrator App to the latest release.


This is because we have not yet updated out Calibrator appllication to be optimized for 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd Generation).

With this said, we have noticed an issue with our Calibrator App that is available on the Apple App Store.

Please delete the version that is on your iPad now and download a previous version from the following link: