Calibrator v2.3.1 has been released!


We’re pleased to announce that Calibrator has been updated to address a few bugs and enhance the user experience for iPhone X users. Here’s what’s new in version 2.3.1:

  • Wide Vision Lens calibrations would sometimes result in an incorrect vertical offset between depth and color. This has been fixed.
  • Devices with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) were using the wrong information when lens calibration was skipped. A similar OIS bug caused Calibrator to run a faulty bracket calibration procedure when a Wide Vision Lens was attached. Both of these bugs have been addressed.
  • UI improvements for iPhone X now compensate for the wider screen ratio when rendering camera frames.

Look for the update in the App Store on your iOS device, or get Calibrator now:


Super quick update - really appreciate it!!
We will give it a try now and also tomorrow when sun is out and report back the result.
Thank you!


I just download the new calibrator and test it with iPad pro 10.5. now it is shifting up and down a lot. I want to upload a picture but I can’t find way to do it



FYI, Su and myself are NOT using the Wide Vision Lens attachment…


@bigssu @xthunder Thanks for the feedback here.

Some questions:

  1. Do you see a similar vertical offset within Calibrator, or only in the Scanner app?

If it’s only pronounced in the Scanner app, then this may be somewhat expected (I’ll explain more next).

  1. Have you tried the Scanner sample from the SDK itself, or the App Store? The App Store app hasn’t been updated to leverage the new OIS-compensation we’ve introduced for iPad Pro 10.5. The SDK sample, deployed with XCode, should be better.

We will update the Scanner App Store sample soon, to account for this.

Meanwhile, one temporary trick you can use is to make sure the iPad is facing forward, perfectly horizontal, during both calibration and during scanning. If the orientation is kept the same, the new OIS compensation won’t be necessary. What’s going on under the hood is that, with newer Apple devices, the lenses float around quite a bit due to the effects of gravity, and without special compensation for this, the calibration varies with the angle you hold the iPad.

  1. I don’t see same vertical offset issue within Calibrator.
  2. I test with Scanner app from App store and has shifting issue but I build app with new SDK and works good!
    thank you so so much for fast feed back


hello Jeff.
our team download SDK 0.71 and use your sample Scan app and try to make
scan app with Unity3d.
When I test with you scan app with iPad pro 10.5, it doesn’t have vertical
shifting any more. but after we made a plugin to use with unity3D. it start
shifting again. it only happen on iPad pro 10.5 but works fine with iPad
air 2.
do you have any idea how to fix?
please help us, we have to finish the scan part in this week


This is a known issue with our Calibrator app that wasn’t directly addressed in the newest release. We are currently working on fixing this issue ASAP and will make a forum post here once we do

We appreciate your patience while we work on fixing this issue.