Can I use the Power Adapter Pro to Structure Sensor included with Bridge?


I learned from the following topics that the Power Adapter Pro can be used as a way to power iPhone while connecting the Structure Sensor to it.

Description in store page says Dark Grey sensors do not currently support the adapter.
I wanna use the adapter with Bridge(Explorer Edition), but the color of Bridge’s sensor is Dark Grey.
So can’t I use the adapter with Bridge?


Unfortunately, all Dark Grey Sensors, including those included with your Bridge purchase will not work with the Power Adapter Pro.



Oh… OK, thank you.

I’m troubled that iPhone’s battery dies fast while running Bridge system.
Is there no one who suffers similarly?
I want a good solution…


Yes, I think this is a general issue. But it depends slightly on the iPhone you are using. I’ve tested on a 8 and it seems to drain slower, but it still drains a lot of juice.

The best solution would be Structure team to release (ideally research for an existing solution) a compatible adapter or cable that would allow charging and communication with the sensor simultaneously.