Can't get color scans when using Scanner app


Trying to figure out how to get a color scan. When I use the scanner app, I get the x-ray and shaded view. I don’t have the option for the color view. How can I get a textured model and export to Maya?


Make sure and select the Color view prior to emailing the scan.



I’m using an iphone and don’t see that option. I have four options, New Tracker, High Resolution Color, New Mapper and High Resolution Mesh. I’m able to toggle the latter two but not toggle NewTracker or High Resolution Color. What app do I select color view? I’m in the Scanner sample app. Is this selected in the Calibration App?


Have you run Calibrator?


Hello Postproduction,

Currently the Scanner app for iPhone does not support texture.

Let us know if we can help you with anything related to this at

The Occipital Team


Is there any chance this has been resolved by now? We are hoping to scan with RGB color texture capture on a phone for a Bridge Headset product.



Yep! We have updated the Calibrator Application to now accept colorized scans using your iPhone.

Just recalibrate your device using our newest version of the Calibrator App while the Wide Vision Lens is not attached to your Bridge Headset.



Has this capability been achieved in the Unity source code?


Michael Dykier



Color textures in Unity isn’t built in, but can easily be achieved: