Can't get Structure SDK to be recognized by XCode



I have been trying to get the structure sdk to work on xcode, but it won’t budge. I have tried it as both linked and embedded dependency but neither of those work. I am trying to re-make the Viewer sample app. Is there something I am doing catastrophically wrong? I’ve added a screenshot below:

Is there any official developer guide or just the examples shipped with the SDK?

I am making a NativeScript application, so maybe I am going around the wrong way?


From your description, it appears that you are having issues with linking the Structure Framework to your new Xcode Project. Linking Frameworks is an issue comes up with all new iOS developers, as linking Frameworks to your project isn’t as easy as it would seem.

Please use the following steps to correctly link the Structure Framework:

  1. Copy the Structure Framework to your Xcode project and create a Framework folder to place it in.

  2. Link the Structure Framework to your project.

  3. Update your Framework Search Path in the Build setting of your project to the Structure Framework you just copied, (./Frameworks).

  4. Turn off Bitcode in your Build Settings (Enable Bitcode).

  5. Link all other iOS native Frameworks that you see in other Structure Sensor Sample Projects.

This should get your project to compile correctly.


Thank you for that information, I’m not a developer but would like to learn by experimenting with the scanner sample, I’m having some difficulties, would it be possible for someone to upload a step by step video or info pictorial? I for one would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Here is a video of me compiling the Scanner App onto my phone:

Here is another video of me linking the Structure Framework to an example project: