Canvas for iPhone



I has looking for having Canvas for iPhone, I know its available for iPad but since iPhones are already so powerful like the iPads, could we have a version for iPhone? We have the Scanner for iPhone but its limited, I would love to have the freedom of the Canvas (iPad only).
Its not much trouble, and would be awesome for iPhone only users. If not possible, could we have the source code of Canvas with the Structure SDK, at least?



Hi Sebastião! Alex from Occipital here - I’m the product manager for Canvas, and I appreciate the suggestion. We do have people that ask from time to time for iPhone support so it’s on my radar (albeit it’s not a huge number of people).

Canvas is more of an end-user product vs. an SDK sample to build on top of (so we don’t provide the source for that), but have you checked out the Room Capture sample? It’s not published for iPhone, but if you are comfortable with iOS programming it would probably not take much time at all to deploy a slightly customized version for iPhone using the SDK.

For my own curiosity, is the reason you’d like an iPhone version just because you carry around an iPhone more? Or a different reason?


thanks for the reply, I have been messing with the SDK, including the room capture sample, but could not make an iPhone version of it. Canvas seems a more capable product, so I was hoping to get it on iPhone.
Well, we all know that performance and memory gap between iPhones and iPads is gone (of course the last iPad pro 2018 have monster performance) but nowadays iPhones can handle it well.
I have iPhone, so I was hoping to play with Canvas on it, its much more portable and easy to handle that an iPad in my opinion.
Also, if I was going to get an iPad would be the last iPad Pro 2018 with the USB-C, which isn’t supported at the moment.