Canvas room scan is usually out of square


Is there a trick to scanning rooms using Canvas so that a typical square room comes out square with square corners and straight walls? I am using the wide view lens already. Most of the scans I take pick up a shift in perspective point that results in a “bending” of straight walls. After I scan up and down, move in a clockwise trajectory and finally come back to the starting point, the point does not end up in the same place: see pictures attached. Thanks for your help!


Below is a support article page for Canvas with tips on how to achieve excellent scans with your Structure Sensor:

Let me know if it helps!


I’ve had the same experience as Maria - and others in other threads - with rooms not ending up rectilinear (if they were in the first place :wink: ) and with dimensions such as Maria’s ceiling dimension varying widely throughout the scan.

The link that you provided, Anthony, has been puzzling to me. Read it and everything else I could find to try to sort out my problems getting Canvas to produce a good capture with a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" (4 GB internal RAM)… Point 6 in that support article says to stay within 0.5 and 1m of what you’re scanning = 19" to 39" - yet the Canvas demo videos online and in-product clearly show room capture with the IOS device/user standing 6’ or more away from the room surfaces. If I try to follow these instructions and stay within 39" of all walls, then there is way more panning, resulting in a way denser mesh and running out of the 4 GB iPad memory before I can even finish a circuit of a room.

I must be missing something. :wink: Ideas?