capture picture of 3d scan from different viewpoints


Hello everyone! I need to take picture of the 3D scan from different orientations, does anyone know how to accomplish this task? I’m already able to take a picture of the 3D scan from the front by using:

func prepareScreenShot (_ screenshotPath: String)

This method allows me to save at the screenshotPath an image of the 3D taken from the front of the reference cube. What if instead I would like to snap the 3D from the side or from the top? Any suggestion? I’ve looked inside this method but I don’t really understand where and how the viewpoint is set. I’m referring to the swift version of the Scanner App, but also suggestions about how to do in the official version in Objective C are really appreciated. I will manage later how to apply them to Swift.
Thank you in advance for your help!


You’ll have to change the direction of the 3D scan from within the app before utilizing that screenshot function.

Here is more information about manipulating 3D objects and animations within an iOS app: