Capturing Data for processing using point cloud libraries

Hello, can some one help me to understand how I can capture data/frame using structure sensor for processing it in point cloud library.

Hi @udrekhg,

If you’re talking about PCL here, then you’ll also need to install OpenNI 2 which works in tandem with PCL to grab depth images. The Structure Sensor is compatible with OpenNI 2 when using the hacker cable. I believe that many of the code samples in PCL will demonstrate depth frame capture.

Hello @pat thanks for your reply…yes I have installed OpenNI 2 … when I use the tool NiViewer it works …but when i use the OpenNIGrabber() I am not able to grab frame in my application …when I used some pcl tool it appeared to me that I can only grab the intensity (XYZ) but not the rgb (depth)

Hi again @udrekhg,

I’m not very familiar with PCL, but I did some reading about the OpenNIGrabber here.

Using the Structure Sensor, I would expect that you could capture the PointXYZ type (which is transformed depth into a cloud) and also the DepthImage type. Were you able to capture either of these types?

The other types like PointXYZRGB and Image won’t work since the Structure Sensor doesn’t have an integrated color camera.