Capturing the Floor


Hi Everyone,

I am trying to write an application that scans the floor along with the object I am scanning.

I have started with the simple scanner demo app! However, the two solutions I have found in the forums to do this seem out of date and no longer work.

I tried this: Capturing the floor with scanner app
and this: Scanning the object and the floor (Modifying the camera pose)

The first one does not work at all. The second one seems to be accessing functions that are no longer available. Such as [tracker setInitialCameraPose]. This does not seem to be a function of STTracker anymore…

Given the latest version of this SDK, how can I scan the floor in with my models? Why is so hard in the first place?



In enterScanningState try replacing
_slamState.tracker.initialCameraPose = _slamState.cameraPoseInitializer.cameraPose;


GLKMatrix4 cameraPose = _slamState.cameraPoseInitializer.cameraPose;
GLKMatrix4 translation = GLKMatrix4MakeTranslation(0.0, -0.05, 0.0);
_slamState.tracker.initialCameraPose = GLKMatrix4Multiply(translation, cameraPose);

Let me know if it works.



Hi Jim,

Thanks a lot! That work’s very well.

I can see the relationship between the camera pose and I’m glad this works but is there a more direct way to move the scanning volume around? How is the cameraPose variable used exactly?