Center cube placement bounding box with gravityAlignedAtOrigin STCameraPoseInitializerStrategy?


Base off the sample scanning app code, i’ve changed the STCameraPoseInitializerStrategy to gravityAlignedAtOrigin instead of table top so that I can scan suspending objects in the air. It works great. The only problem is that the cube initially appears on the bottom right of the screen which makes starting the scan a little awkward.

How can I force the placement cube to be centered on the screen initially with STCameraPoseInitializerStrategy.gravityAlignedAtOrigin? I’ve searched the forums and haven’t found an acceptable answer although it seems people have run into this before


Can anyone help with this question please?


@robert2, could the fixed position cube ideas posted here work for your application?



@jim_selikoff Arborapps is actually the developer working on my app but so far we have not found an acceptable solution. The bounding box is always off to the right of the screen for some reason. We cannot get it to center itself.


Placing the scanning volume at a fixed position in front of the scanner has been covered here pretty thoroughly. Are you looking for something else?

Here’s the sticky thread that covers the topic: