Color data in Blender


There may be some questions about color but I can’t solve the problem and I want to post a following question.

1.I scan 3D data and colorize it in Skanect. After that I export it as obj file and open it in Blender.
But it seems not to have color data. How can I get color data in Blender or some popular software?

2.There is a FAQ in which answerer urged questioner to use Scanner sample app. I tried to use it but it said ‘no mail account’. Where can I register mail account?


For #1, did you go to Process -> Colorize before saving? @nt_ or @alex may have some thoughts here too. Try opening in Meshlab, as well.

For #2, you can add a mail account on your iOS device.
From your iPad home screen, Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account


Thanks for replying.

at first, about#2, I can do that and I send 3D model with color to my pc.
Blender recognized the texture with color.

but about #1, I can’t solve the problem.
As you said, I colorized before saving and when I open it in Meshlab, color data(texture) is displayed on the model. But when I open it in Blender, it isn’t. Blender doesn’t recognize texture.

It is necessary to export texture png at MeshLab before open the model in Blender?
I don’t know how to export texture png at MeshLab.


Oh, I misunderstood something.
I could solve #1. There is no problem when using Blender.