Compile error with SDK 0.10 when using three InfraredSensor keys


I tried to modify Scanner_Lowlevel sample code to use three keys
kSTInfraredSensorAutoExposureModeKey, kSTInfraredSensorManualExposureKey, kSTInfraredSensorManualGainKey

optionsAreValid = [_sensorController startStreamingWithOptions:
@{kSTStreamConfigKey : @(_structureStreamConfig),
kSTFrameSyncConfigKey : @(STFrameSyncDepthAndRgb),
kSTDepthStreamPresetKey: @(STStreamPresetBodyScanning),
kSTInfraredSensorAutoExposureModeKey: @(0),
kSTInfraredSensorManualExposureKey: @(0.014),
kSTInfraredSensorManualGainKey: @(1) }

got compile error
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
“_kSTInfraredSensorManualGainKey”, referenced from:
-[ViewController(Sensor) startStructureSensorStreaming] in ViewController+Sensor.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64

It seems like although Structure.h has those three definitions, the binary Structure does not have.


I was seeing some similar issues, when updating our Swift app to use the new SDK. See the thread here: Linking issues in Swift with SDK 0.10.0

I’m still seeing the erroneous battery depleted error that some other threads mention, but hopefully that can be fixed though a firmware update.