Compile time error using structure SDK(11.1)

I downloaded some sample projects (from github) for my structure sensor mark 2 , when ever i try to bulid i get these errors : 1.“Structure framework requires the C++ runtime. See Structure SDK Reference.” , 2. “could not build module ‘Structure’” , 3. “failed to emit precompiled header” , 4. “Structure.h” & “StructureSLAM.h” file missing .
The issue is mainly in swift_bridging_headers.

some changes occurred with the implementation of CaptureSession, and I think you have downloaded a sample who’s not designed to use it. The bridging header for swift look like this with the latest SDK ( Structure/StructureSLAM.h is removed and STCaptureSession headers added ) :

#import <Structure/Structure.h>
#import <Structure/STCaptureSession.h>
#import <Structure/STCaptureSession+Types.h>
#import <OpenGLES/gltypes.h>
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The issue is still not resolved but thank you for the help :slight_smile: