conn.cameraIntrinsicsMatrixDeliveryEnabled = YES


Using an iPad Air, and getting this problem:

We want to use AV Intrinsics, but we’re not getting them! Make sure that you have set conn.cameraIntrinsicsMatrixDeliveryEnabled = YES on the AVCaptureConnection object (before you commit the AVCaptureSession configuration).

Just like in this post: Problem with SDK 0.8.1

Is there any workaround for this? Not sure if this same problem is also in SDK 0.8.0, where can I download it to find out? I currently have code adapted for SDK 0.8.1, but am completely stuck in development until this is fixed (or I can find a temporary workaround).

Any help appreciated!


We have noted this issue with iPad Air and Air 2s and are working on a solution for the next release of the Structure SDK.

We are working our fastest to take care of this issue while making this new release of our Structure SDK. We really appreciate your patience!