Controller not connecting


Rec’d my Bridge yesterday and am having trouble getting the controller to connect. I’ve check that Bluetooth is on and power up the controller but it never appears in the list. Am I missing something or is it possible the controller is defective?

Going to try some new batteries just incase.
(Pushing the power button, the LED lights up then pulses)


Hey @james,

An update to the BRIDGET app that allows the controller to function is
currently awaiting review by Apple to be released to the App Store. As
soon as that update appears, your controller will work with your

In the meantime, your “Getting Started with Bridge” email has
instructions on how to access Bridge Engine Beta to try other mixed
reality experiences.


Thanks Anthony. I remember seeing that in the email now that you mention it. I knew it had to be something I missed :slight_smile:



I wanted to let you know that we have released the new version of the Bridget App that will allow you to use the Bridge Controller!


Actually, we have problems with controllers too and it’s not related to Apple at all. We made our own driver since Occipital’s only runs on iOS which makes it impossible to test your stuff as you build it in Unity. The problem is in the BLE implementation as far as I know. We can discover the device, connect to it, discover its services and subscribe to characteristics (battery and 0xF001 for device updates). As soon as we do it, the device usually disconnects, it almost seems like it’s not ready yet to serve data. Then we need to rediscover it all over again and this usually repeats up to 4 times before we can successfully read updates.

There are a few strange things in the BLE implementation that suggest it hasn’t been done/understood very well. First of all, you advertise service names 0xF001 but then provide one named 0xF00. This is a plausible confusion of characteristic and service IDs. Not a big deal, not causing the disconnects, just strange.


Any update to this? I received my controller (and t-shirt) a while ago but the whole thing including the headset has been sitting in a box pretty much since I got it. Decided to pull it out and controller won’t pair to my device.


You can pair your controller to your iPhone by first downloading and opening the BRIDGET APP. Once you have it downloaded, you’ll be confronted with a screen that will ask you to, first, clip your phone into your Bridge, and then Connect the controller. You can activate the connection by clicking the button with the circle on it, which is on the top of the Bridge Controller.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing difficulty. Thanks!