convertDepthToUShortInMillimeters () not implemented?

I am building a C# wrapper for the Cross-platform SDK so I can use Structure Core sensors in Unity desktop applications on Windows. Everything has been compiling and running fine to initialize the sensor, start streaming, get intrinsics, etc. But when I attempt to access the convertDepthToUShortInMillimeters () function in my C++ bridge DLL, it gives a linking error saying it cannot find ST::DepthFrame::convertDepthToUShortInMillimeters () to link with. In comparison, ST::DepthFrame::depthInMillimeters () compiles fine.

Is ST::DepthFrame::convertDepthToUShortInMillimeters () not implemented for Windows?

P.S. I searched the raw binary text of the Structure.lib file and there is no occurrence of convertDepthToUShortInMillimeters () in the file. Plenty of convertDepthToRgba () instances, but nothing for the function I want.

Hi QuietPixel:

Tks for posting this! The function were indeed not implemented in SDK 0.7.2 but were just added in SDK 0.7.3. You can go ahead to download our latest release from our developer portal and see if it can solve your issue.


Thank you, that fixed it. DepthFrame.convertDepthToUShortInMillimeters () is working in v0.7.3.