CubeRenderer 3D Position Retrieval


I’m currently working on a development project that is more interested in retrieving 3d coordinate data rather than developing meshes. What I’m currently doing is capturing the point clouds and obtaining their respective x,y,z values, and the next step in this process is to refine the area of the point cloud I’m interested in retrieving.

The Scanner tutorial application uses API method calls for its cuboid filtering to build a mesh from data only within the cube. I was wondering if there were any way to retrieve 3d coordinates for the vertices of the cube so that I can filter the point cloud to within the cube, exactly how the mesh API methods do it behind the scenes.

I’m also curious if there is any way to retrieve the support plane used to place the cube.

Any information would be appreciated!


I think you are looking for:

  • (void)detectInnerPixelsWithDepthFrame:(STDepthFrame*)depthFrame mask:(uint8_t*)outputMask;

It will return a mask for the DepthFrame that corresponds to the current scanning volume.